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For years we’ve been giving authors the tools they need to create beautiful, professional books. Now, we’ve made it even easier with our revolutionary quoting tool. Whether you’ve written a novel or a coffee table book, we can help you find the highest-quality printing options at the best prices.

Powerful Quoting Tool

It started with a simple proposition: independent authors should have access to the same printers big publishers use, all in one easy-to-navigate place. So, we leveraged our long-standing business relationships to bring the country’s top printers together. Just enter your book information and see their most competitive quotes. Compare pricing for different trim sizes, save multiple quotes, even receive custom pricing for special features.

Offset Printing

Whether you need books on hand to sell at events, used a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, or simply want the lowest price-per-book, offset printing is a great choice. For too long, authors have neglected offset printing because of the difficulty finding a printer. Now, our quoting tool combines the best offset printers in one convenient place. Discover more about how offset printing can work for you.

Press Ready Quiz

Not sure if you’re ready to print? Start by taking our quiz to confirm your files are press ready. Don’t worry, we can always help with minor adjustments if needed.

Customer Support

Being independent doesn’t mean you’re alone. From our production and design department to our printing coordinators, we’ll be in touch to confirm specifications, resolve any issues that may come up, and manage the shipping of your books.

Special Features

Sometimes you just need that special touch. From unusual sizes and non-standard binding, to bespoke features like ribbon markers and CD pockets, if you can dream it up we can probably help you print it.


Professional Services

Looking for something extra? We offer a suite of services to help with any publishing needs. From our team of highly-skilled, experienced editors to our ebook conversion service, we have everything you need.

Children's and Photo Books

The advantage to offset printing is that you can print beautiful images on high-quality paper. We specialize in books meant to be handled and admired time and time again.

Distribution and Sales

Our vast distribution network ensures your book gets to readers, and our powerful sales reporting tools mean you can track them everywhere. You’ll have everything you need to manage your career as an author.

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