About Us

BookPrinting.com is a division of Hillcrest Media Group, a publishing solutions company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Since 2006, we’ve helped thousands of independent authors and publishers print, warehouse, and distribute their titles. Our handpicked printing partners are the best in the business and work with some of the world’s largest publishers. Because of our long-standing relationships with these printers (and because we can assure them that we are sending press-ready files), we are able to pass on those incredible printing prices to our customers. Check out our quoting tool and see for yourself.

In addition to printing, we offer a wide-range of professional services for independent authors. From book editing and design services to marketing and publicity, we have an expert team on staff. Whatever level of service you need, we can guide you through the process.

Independent publishing has changed a lot since we began giving authors access to professional printers, but our goal has remained the same: to offer quality printing and tremendous customer service at a competitive price. Get in touch to talk about your project, or get a quote today!