Ideally, a book is something to be treasured by readers for years—read again and again over time. A beautiful and durable binding ensures your book will last. Whether hardcover or soft, we’ve got the perfect binding option for you.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Bound for softcover books

The standard choice for most softcover books. This flexible, glued binding will stand the test of time.

Perfect Binding (Low Page Count)

We offer perfect bindings for page counts over 16, while most other printers have a minimum page count of 64. A perfect binding is a more durable option for paperback children’s books.

Saddle Stitching

A great option for softcover books with a lower page count. Saddle-stitched bindings are stapled at the spine fold.

Spiral Bound (Single)

A popular choice for workbooks, journals, and cookbooks. A continuous coil of either pewter or plastic is spun through holes along the edge of the spine.

Spiral Bound (Double)

This is an even sturdier version of the single spiral option, great for books with coated paper that will often be handled.

Adhesive Case

An attractive and durable option for hardcover books. This combines the economy of perfect-bound pages with the protection of a hardcover case.

Smyth Sewn

Library quality and archival safe, this is the highest-quality binding in the business. Smyth-sewn binding uses thread to sew through printed signatures which are glued into the hardcover case.

Side Sewn

Side-sewn bindings are particularly well suited to children’s and photo books, as well as other thin-cased projects. As the name implies, a fiber thread is used to sew through the paper stack, which results in a secure binding.