Special Features

Some books just need that little something extra. From opulent cover finishes to those unique touches like end sheets, we can make sure your book stands out from the crowd. Imagining something you don’t see listed below? Get in touch to talk about your project!


This is the process of creating a raised effect on the cover of a paperback book or dust jacket. Embossing can be used either for emphasis (e.g., raising the title) or texture (pictured above).


Perfect Bound for softcover books

These are narrow strips of cloth either sewn or glued to the top (headband) or the bottom (footband) of the book’s spine to add a finishing touch.

Foil Stamping

Perfect Bound for softcover books

Foil (often metallic, black, or white) is applied to the cover or spine using a heated die, leaving behind the design of your choosing.

Colored End Sheets

Perfect Bound for softcover books

Add a pop of color with end sheets (the first and last pages of the book) in a vibrant hue.

French Flaps

Similar to a dust jacket but for softcover books, French flaps are a great place to include praise for your work.