Color Printing

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From children’s books with whimsical pictures to cookbooks filled with sumptuous photos, color printing is the perfect choice when you want your images to jump off the page. The best part of printing in color through is that you have the option to use offset printing.  Not only will that ensure the lowest cost per book for large print runs, it will also guarantee the highest possible quality. Since offset uses ink, rather than toner, the color-matching techniques are vastly superior. Offset printers can also handle a wider variety of paper types, which means you can select the perfect texture and weight for the job.

One thing to keep in mind when printing a color book is that, for a single page to be printed in color the whole book must be printed on a color press. For authors who only have a few images, this is something to consider as color printing does add to the cost of your project.

What about digital printing? It’s true the technology for digital color book printing has come a long way, so this may still be a good option for you. If you don’t need special paper weights, and your colors need not match exactly, digital color book printing is definitely worth considering.  Our team is happy to discuss the best option for your project!

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