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Basic Copyedit - 2 Cents per Word

As part of a one-round Basic Copyedit, the editor will remove obvious inconsistencies and correct errors in sentence structure and word usage. The editor will also correct well-known facts that have been used erroneously and highlight instances where permission may need to be secured for use of intellectual property (such as song lyrics, poems, illustrations, articles, and text).

Comprehensive Edit - 3.5 Cents per Word

All services from the Basic Copyedit are included in the two-round Comprehensive Edit. Additionally, the editor will offer developmental feedback to improve the clarity, arc, and soundness of the book (nonfiction); or the characterization, dialogue, and plot development (fiction). Your editor will note anything that is inaccurate or redundant.

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Word Count

Basic Editing

1 round copyedit, $.025/word, minimum price of $99


Comprehensive Editing

developmental + copyediting, $0.05/word, minimum price of $198



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