Is Offset Printing Right For Me?

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If you have been learning about self-publishing, chances are you've come across the term print-on-demand (POD.) While print-on-demand has made it easier than ever to get physical books made, you might be surprised to learn that the majority of books in this country are still produced using Offset Lithography. That's because it is the most efficient method for printing a large volume of books and is certainly the most cost effective for large print runs. It also ensures a much higher-quality end product. Offset printing is ideal for authors who:

  • need inventory for events like book signings
  • sell books through public speaking or trade shows
  • financed their project through crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter

Our offset printing prices are often very competitive for runs as small as 500 books. And, as the run size increases, digital printers really can't compete with the prices that offset printing can provide. Since the quality of offset printing is so much higher than that of digital printing, we almost always recommend offset printing for authors with large print runs. There is just no need to sacrifice on quality when you are able to print so much volume.

So why is it more efficient to use offset printing for large print runs? When using offset printing, your book is actually printed in groups of pages called "signatures." You can learn more about signatures here.

Of course, while offset printing is the most affordable option for large print runs, digital printing is a viable option for small orders (of less than 500 books). Digital printing is best for authors who:

  • want to start with a small print run
  • don’t want to invest as much upfront
  • don’t use many images or require special features

Our number one concern when printing books is quality. We work with offset printers who specialize in the production of books, and using one of these is the best way to ensure you are satisfied with the result. You want to work with a book printer that truly understands that the quality of the final product will be determined by the quality of the work done to put the book together. Finding the lowest possible price, while an important factor, should not be the only factor in choosing a printer. Making sure you are working with a quality printer that specializes in book production is even more important.

And don't worry—we can help you figure out which printers are best for you.

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